Can't add Epics to an issue this morning

Finding a problem in Zenhub this morning that we can’t add issues to an Epic. The gear icon is not visible. If the issue does not have an Epic set, the gear icon is missing. If the issue does have an Epic already, the gear icon is visible. Anyone else having the same issue? Seems like it maybe a bug that’s been introduced?

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Same problem on my side. Please, fix it. We are blocked.

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We are using the workaround:

  • Hover over the issue, click on 3 dots top right of the issue
  • Select “Select Issue”
  • Click on any other issues you want to select
  • In the top right of the Zenhub window, click on “Set Epic”

Hi all!

Thanks for flagging this, we have a bug opened with the engineering team and are looking into it.

I’ll keep you posted on any updates!


The team are still working on a fix, but in the meantime you should be able to use the Zenhub extension without interruption!

Let me know if this isn’t the case.

@ssanchez @simon.boxus

This should now be fixed! Thanks again for flagging

We have the same issue. We do have one user that for whatever reason isn’t able to see the “set epic” button. Is that a permissions issue or is it related to the current bug?

Ahhh, logged out and logged back in and the issue is fixed. Thanks!

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You’d be amazed to hear how often that works!

Glad to hear you’re up and running :grinning: