Default Estimates in issue template

We have a template for create a story issue. And would like the Estimate to default to 1, but it is not working.

It works for labels, etc. but I cannot get it working for estimates and cannot find any documentation. Anybody that can help?

I have tried with and without ’

First off, kudos for creating a user story template.

Unfortunately we don’t support adding an estimate via a GitHub Issue Template. You can however, use ZenHub’s planning poker feature to select multiple issues and request estimates from your team. Group-based estimates tend to be less wrong than estimates done by individuals so we try and nudge people in this direction…

Hope this helps…

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Oh, okay, sorry to hear that, we will just set it manually then. Thank you for your quick reply. It is actually because we have ditched estimating for the time being.

Give our planning poker feature a try - it can be done asynchronously so you don’t have to drag your team together into a meeting! It’s a real time saver…

That was exactly what I thought was a bit interesting, though, it is partly the discussion regarding estimates, that is part of the clarification. But yes, it is an interesting approach.

Regarding the planning poker, I am missing a bit, that I can change my vote after the final estimate has been given. Because of the discussion after the first iteration. It is a bit too locked.