Duplicate estimates + buggy dropdown

It seems someone on our team added another “1” to our list of estimates. Surprisingly, this hasn’t happened before, given that all it takes is typing the number and hitting return without tabbing or clicking to select the number. In any case, it’s a bit of a pain to fix and, IMHO, shouldn’t be possible in the first place.

Also weird stuff going down with the estimate dropdown in Github right now:

Hi @amenity,

Thanks for reporting this issue, it certainly looks like a bug. We are currently investigating why duplicates are appearing and fixing the issue for you.

Regarding the odd behaviour of the estimate selector within GitHub, we cannot reproduce this internally. Is this issue happening consistently for you even after a refresh? I see you’re using Chrome, would you mind checking which version of the Zenhub extension you have installed currently? You can do that by going to chrome://extensions/ in the address bar and the version number should appear in the Zenhub extension section.

Thank you!

Just a follow up here. A fix for your duplicated estimates should be released today and next Tuesday for the extension.

Thank you!



  • Chrome is Version 122.0.6261.94
  • Zenhub extension is 4.1.55

Refreshing the page worked! I was able to produce it on a tab that had been idle who-knows-how-long but it disappeared when I simply reloaded that URL.

Great to hear, and you should no longer see duplicated estimates when viewing the issue via the webapp.

Darn, I have the phantom duplicate 1s back today. I updated Chrome to Version 122.0.6261.112, checked that there wasn’t an update to the Zenhub extension, and cleared the cache.

Still seeing this:

Hey @amenity,

Sorry for the confusion here. A fix was released to the webapp, but the extension fix will be released next Tuesday. Thank you for your patience!

:woman_facepalming: you told me that! Thanks.

Hi @WillDonohoe - We’re still seeing two 1 estimates. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Zenhub for Chrome extension.

Hi @amenity,

Looks like there’s been a bit of a delay in the latest extension release while we iron out a bug. I’ll reply here when the next release is live on the chrome extension store.


Hi @amenity,

Our latest extension release is live now. If you wouldn’t mind updating your extension (the latest is 4.1.62), and your duplicate estimate issue should be resolved.


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Works for me, but I am seeing a similar thing happen (not all the time, sometimes goes away on a simple reload) with labels now:

Seeing this again in Github/Chrome:

Hi @amenity, thanks for raising. I’ll submit a ticket for this to get this looked at.

Hi @amenity, I’ve been trying to reproduce this problem but so far haven’t been able to. Are there specific issues, window sizes/positions, or anything else that seem to trigger it more often? Does it happen consistently for you? Thanks!