Tasks Lists don't create next bullet automatically

When I start writing a task list in an issue when I hit enter, it does not automatically create the next bullet; I have to type it in.

This is something so minor but it is driving me crazy! I use these a lot and Github does this automatically. Is there a setting I have to change to get that to work?

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Hi Jenna,

We hear you! Thanks for providing this feedback. We’ve provided this to our Product and Engineering teams, and they’ll consider it for a future sprint. Watch this space for an update! :smiley:

I just noticed that this is working for me now. Was this updated??

Hi Jenna,

Yes, we just released this feature yesterday (in the webapp, the extension update with it should be related in a day or so). Let us know if you notice any issues with it and thanks again for the feedback!


This is amazing. Thank you! :grinning: