Private Zenhub Image for public repo

Hi, all!

We are using Zenhub for managing our public open source repo. Sometimes we post screenshots directly from Zenhub interface, this is an example.

However, as you can see, it is shown as “Private Zenhub Image”. It is an important churn for our overall zenhub experience.

What we could live with is that:

  1. Zenhub image for public repo is also publicly visible.
  2. Use github image uploading directly.

Hey @miaozc!

Thanks for sharing your feedback around our Private File Uploads feature, currently we enforce private file uploads for all organizations and Zenhub users to support better security policies and data hygiene. If you’d like to have your images public on Github, you can leverage the second option you mentioned above by uploading the asset directly through Github.

Thank you Joseph for the quick reply.

It is definitely not an ideal user experience. I hope more improvements on this could be worked on by ZenHub soon!

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This is a real blocker for our team. We use github and zenhub interchangeably and half the images aren’t viewable until you tap them. Doesn’t make sense to me: if I can tap the image to see it, then why not just display it in the original github issue?

I should add that our github repos are private, for team use only

Hey Solares70,

Thanks for sharing your feedback, we are currently gathering user feedback around the feature and will look to make improvements to it’s flexibility in the future.