Epic Descriptions: Not able to insert images?

Shocked to see that we are not able to in insert pictures into ZenHub Epics. Cannot paste image from clipboard or import in the epic form, but have no problem pasting into regular Zen/GitHub issues. Obviously, this is available on GitHub issues and is a normal, expected UX feature. Images are critical in many instances to communicate functionality.

I missing something? Thanks in advance for your help.

Apologies - our notification integration for community posts was broken - it’s now fixed.

Next up - Epics and Issues will get comments soon (very soon), file uploads a few sprints later…

Hope this helps!

Hey @trudog,

While we work towards delivering file uploads for ZenHub Epics and ZenHub Issues, you can upload images and gifs via a link using markdown in the description. Here is the markdown that you can use:


Just replace the link within the brackets with a link to an image or gif that you’d like to embed.

Hopefully this helps!

Good callout Joe!

What I talked about is the ability to drag and drop images into comments. Joe’s right that Projects/Epics/Issues support markdown image links today…

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