Increase Text Area Height on Comment Edit


I would love it if the height of the text area box could be increased when editing a comment. Currently it’s rather short and I have to manually drag the bottom right corner to increase the size.

I don’t have any suggestions about what the height should be increased to, but any increase would be welcome by me.


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Hey Limahoney,

Thanks for sharing your feedback. Would you find something like a full screen editor or pop-out view for the comment editor useful in providing additional space for editing comments?


That isn’t something I’ve considered but I would find that very helpful.

Typically I create one comment centered on one feature/functionality and continue to edit that comment when I’m working on that feature/functionality. So I think a full page / pop-out view for editing the comment would serve my use case well.

Thanks Liam, I’ll add this as a feature request to our backlog for our team to take a look at in the future. Appreciate the feedback!