Bad Epic links ("issues" appears twice)

We’ve got some public projects that use Epics and this morning I noticed a new buggy-looking behavior that I don’t think I caused. I have Epic Errors: Structured, detailed, & stacked · Issue #4608 · brimdata/zed · GitHub and added a couple issues to it, and the direct links to those issues are and However, once those issues are added to the Epic, the hyperlinks that are behind the table of linked issues have the “issues” portion repeated, e.g.,, such that when clicked they fail.

Hey philrz,

Our team is aware of this affecting users on the Zenhub for Github Chrome extension and we’re actively working to resolve this. Could you send us an email at so that we can ensure you’re kept up to date on this?

In the meantime, you should be able to use the Zenhub webapp without issue.