Assign sprint label based on pipeline?


We have (what I guess is) a pretty standard setup of pipelines: product backlog, sprint backlog, in progress, in review, closed. The problem we have though is that the sprint labels are completely unaware of this structure - as issues move in and out of these pipelines, the sprint labels are unaffected. We end up fighting a rearguard action where someone (me!) has to go through the board every sprint (weekly) and fix up all the sprint labels. This feels like a bit of a waste of time!

It would be great if this flow could be automated somehow - maybe allowing pipelines to have one of three options assigned: issues in this pipeline are automatically assigned to the current sprint; issues in this pipeline are removed from the current sprint; issues in this pipeline do not have sprints reassigned automatically".

On a related note - sometimes we don’t finish an issue in a sprint, and at planning at the start of the week it gets booted back into the backlog because something more urgent has come up. Here, automatic sprints work against us - issues keep rolling through the sprint because someone forgot to remove the original sprint label. I think an automation like the above would probably address this too.



This is still a problem for us.

We recently reorganised and have set up new boards. I haven’t bothered setting up Sprints in ZH for these new boards - and basically, nobody has noticed. Make of this what you will! But the conventions of named “Sprint backlog” pipelines seem to work well enough for us. It’s a shame as we’re not going to be able to take advantage of any stuff built on the sprints machinery.

I guess the takeaway is that the extra stuff you get from ZH’s sprints implementation isn’t compelling enough for us to undertake the manual labour of the current tagging approach.