Are generalized tasks outside of repos possible?

My team is loving ZenHub for all our project management needs. As a leader, I love that I can optimize workspaces for various aspect of the team, yet keep a generalized board for myself as a high-level overview.

As we all know, things come up that don’t always directly relate to a specific repo.
Is there a way to add a “task” to a workspace that isn’t owned by a repo?

One way around this was to create a “team-general” repo to track tasks that come up… but that seems bulky to add to everyone’s workspaces. Would love thoughts, insight or product plans!


You’ve already come up on the best way to do this - add a repository that’s just used for task tracking. We’ve seen this before (one team even called that repo “tasks”). Combined with filtering by assignees, you can craft a really good workflow for the whole team by doing this…

Hope this helps,

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Thanks George, Confirmation before I went down a rabbit hole is much appreciated!