Make epics exclusive to workspaces

Currently when creating an epic it was shared across multiple workspaces. I think by default workspaces should be siloed entities with the option of sharing things across workspaces then having them shared across all workspaces by default.

Hi Steven, thanks so much for your feedback. I also agree with this. Would you be able to provide your specific use case you are experiencing for better understanding? We do have something our team is working on but would love to hear more in terms of your situation.

Part of the reason we chose zenhub is that it allows us to aggregate and view all the issues from different repositories. We don’t have a mono repo and a mono repo doesn’t really make sense for us as some of the projects are very different but can fall under the same umbrella such as R&D.

For us we basically use the workspaces to organize the repositories that being together and track issues across repos. We tried making epics in zenhub but since they’re shared across workspaces it breaks the organization value we’re getting from the workspaces.

Hope that makes sense and let me know if you have any further questions.