ZenHub Dark Mode

Dark mode has been one of our most requested features of all time, and we were so excited to be able to ship a new Dark UI in our product last week!

For those of you that have had the chance to try it out, what are your thoughts on dark mode?

For all you designers out there, check out our blog post on how we revamped our entire design system to support this new theme: Improving the Design System for Dark Mode Theming | ZenHub Blog


I’ve been using it since it was available publicly. I really like it, the board looks great!

My only suggestion is to tweak the coloring on the Roadmap when using red/yellow/green in dark mode. The red seems a bit off, maybe it’s too bright? Maybe try muting it just a tad?

Welcome to the community @cperko, and thanks for sharing some feedback on our new dark mode! We’ve had a few other teams provide similar suggestions in the way of muting the contrast on some of the brighter colours (and white text), and its something we’re planning to action soon!

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I’m digging it! Good color choices make it easy on the eyes :slight_smile:


thanks my issue has been fixed.