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Forum design feedback

Hey, Community! What do you think of the design of our forum. We’d love any feedback you have.


I know you’ve just moved out of Slack but… I live in Slack! I don’t really know anything about this community platform, but if there are Slack integrations that would be great.

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Looks like you’re using Discorse? I’m a fan. Haven’t used it in years, but I greatly prefer it for discussions that benefit from long term organization (versus the ephemeral nature of chat on Slack and others). Downside is it’s not a thing people are going to touch often. So good for building a repository of useful information. Bad for building an actively engaged community. That said, I don’t think every product needs a community. I’m not looking to make Zenhub friends or network with Zenhub experts. I want to know how I can get better at it and figure out stuff when I’m stuck.


Thanks for your insights, James! Happy to hear you like the platform.

There are quite a few users in our Community who are also here for insights into how to better use ZenHub and solve challenges, so you’re in good company. I have a feeling you’ll feel at home in the ZenHub Q&A Topic - make sure to check that out. :grinning:

Happy to have you here!