My velocity seems off, why could that be?

Our velocity is showing as much lower than I would think it should be. Do issue points not count towards a sprint if that issue is not closed during the timeframe of the sprint? What other things could effect the velocity being lower than it should be?

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Issue points are counted in the Sprint they are closed in.

This is aligned with best practices about working in Sprints. Every Story (Issue) should be broken down into work that can be completed within a Sprint. So, if your Issues are aligned with that, this won’t be a problem.

Now, best practices aside, I know that we never get everything right and that there are bodies of work that you end up spending more than a Sprint on. At the end of the day, that’s fine, because Velocity is calculated as the average over the last 7 Sprints. The occasional carried work will even itself out in your Velocity.

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If an issue carries over to the next sprint and is closed during that sprint, does it only count towards velocity if it is also given that sprint’s label? My problem right now is that our velocity looks much lower than it should, it says the velocity is 5 and we are definitely finishing closer to 35 or 40 points a sprint, so the average is somehow not working.