Managing Developer Capacity - Is this a Missing Feature that anyone else wants?

I was wondering if anyone else was struggling with managing developer resources during sprint planning. and was wondering how folks handle this.

I think Zenhub is missing resource planning down to the developer. For instance, a developer is capable of completing 20 story points in a sprint and I want to create a sprint for 10 developers, so I create a sprint of 200 story points and then assign 20 story points (or so) to each developer for the sprint. The issue is that I want to be able to track actual story points completed by developer and would love for the system to auto-assign 20 story points (or so) to a developer - but nothing with Zenhub actually is designed to get down to the developer level. Also, what happens if a person takes a few days off, now I’m at 14 or 16 story points for the sprint instead of 20. Can I only manage this manually?

I would love to hear how people are managing this - and whether additional developer resource planning should be included as a feature request.



Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one that would like a feature like this. Most of our team has an even understanding of our platforms and stack, so we usually always assign issues after scoring and do it based on proportionally distributing story points.

Currently looking into accomplishing this by using ZenHub’s/GitHub’s API, will post any code or updates if I make progress!