How-To's, I would like to see more people showing up for these in the future

I think the How-to templating by Julie today (5/26) was fantastic. What can I do to help generate more turnout and get people interested in these presentations?


Wow- thanks Dallas! :clap: This is a community effort for sure, and we’d love to see it keep growing! I know some organizations have Slack channels to share news and info about events they are attending i.e. #agile-fans, #zenhub-users, #knowledge-sharing #tmyk

If your team doesn’t have that already, that could be an option!

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That is a great idea; I can notify my project managers the next time we have one, and they can share amongst themselves. We have one project manager for every 6 developers. They are the true Zenhub users in my team.

Is there a recording of this?

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I would think so. But I have not seen any follow-up posting on it.

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Hi @kammersgaard! There is a recording :slight_smile:
We’ll be posting it on the issue templates site very soon.

Sounds good, looking forward to it :slightly_smiling_face: