How To Upgrade ZenHub To AI (Beta Version)


I have two queries, how can I upgrade Zenhub to AI (Beta Version).

And is there any way to integrate SF Marketing cloud tool with Zenhub? As per this Salesforce marketing cloud developer blog, I have to create custom integrations using APIs and middleware services. According to source, both Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Zenhub have robust APIs that allow for programmatic access to their services.

So how can I do that?

Thanks in Advance.

Hello @johndiesel
It is my pleasure to help you regarding your queries. So here is what you can do to reslove both of your queries:
Upgrading to ZenHub AI (Beta Version)

  • To upgrade to the AI (Beta Version) in ZenHub:
  1. Log In: Access your ZenHub account.
  2. Settings: Go to the settings or admin panel.
  3. Beta Programs: Look for “Beta programs” or “New features”.
  4. Opt-In: Follow the prompts to enable the AI (Beta Version).
    Note: If you don’t see this option, contact ZenHub support for help.

Integrating Salesforce Marketing Cloud with ZenHub

  • To integrate Salesforce Marketing Cloud with ZenHub:
  1. Check the APIs: Review the API documentation:
  • Salesforce API Docs
  • ZenHub API Docs
  1. Middleware: Choose a middleware like Node.js, Python Flask, or Zapier.

  2. Authentication: Set up OAuth for Salesforce and an API token for ZenHub.

  3. Map Data: Define how data should flow between the systems.

  4. Write Scripts: Create scripts to transfer data, including error handling and logging.

  5. Test: Test in a development environment before going live.

  6. Deploy: Deploy the integration to production.
    If you have any query regarding this free feel to reach out .

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