How to Lock a Pipeline in a Workspace

I was wondering if it is possible to lock a pipeline in a workspace so that users are not able to drop an item into a particular pipeline that is inherited and managed from another workspace. I’m happy for someone to pull from that pipeline and view items in that pipeline, I just don’t want them to place items in that pipeline as it breaks our workflow. Does this feature exist? Am I missing something in the functionality present? Am I trying to do something bizarre (why do it that way)?


Another option that might work in this case is to allow synchronization of a particular pipeline across all workspaces - so items stay consistent across all workspaces…Does this exist?

Hey there, Eric! Welcome to the ZenHub community! :wave:
There isn’t a way to stop your team members from using a particular pipeline, but what you can do, is in your next daily stand up, maybe mention the idea to collapse the pipeline, and only expand when there are issues that need to be viewed. It would for sure be a coaching moment!

An option, potentially that could help with issues being placed in the wrong pipeline, is considering where the pipeline is located. Some teams work with a “Done” pipeline, just before “closed” as another team picks it up, so maybe the arrangement of the pipeline could be adjusted if you still want it part of your workspace.

And while we have workflows, there isn’t a full synchronization for a particular pipeline, as we allow teams to create the workspaces and pipeline that each squad needs to get their work done. I can pass this along as a feature request to the product team though!

Hi Julie,

I would like two feature requests:

  1. I would like to be able to lock a pipeline in a specific workspace (I would like to be able to prevent an issue from being placed there outside of workflow). For instance, I have a Sprint Management workspace (to setup the current sprint and plan future sprints). I use five different pipelines in the Sprint Management workspace to manage the backlog of issues and I have a pipeline called “ready for coding” which is all of the issues for this sprint. I use workflow to push this to the Developer workspace so that they know what they are supposed to work on. The developer workspace also has a single backlog pipeline (which is the consolidated backlog from Sprint Management) so that developers can see what is coming; however, I don’t want them to stick current work in progress back into the backlog in the Developer workspace. If they do that, it may take a while before anyone notices that the issue isn’t being worked (the sprint management workspace continues to show it as work in progress while the developer workspace has it in the backlog). This is the problem I’m trying to avoid. In other words - can we have specific pipelines noted as read only for issues.

  2. I would like an option to synchronize a pipeline between workspaces (not just push an issue from one to another, but actually allow for either workspace to update a pipeline). Why do I ask - I’m using this to manage how issues flow from one group to another and there are some pipelines that just need to be consistent and others where the information needs to be a one-way inheritance. Mostly this is so a Management workspace can be used to fix a pipeline assignment without changing workspaces.



Hi Eric,
Thanks for all the detail and context! I’ll added both of these request to our teams productboard to review! If you haven’t already, to keep an eye out with any changes we’re making in ZenHub, check out out Changelog: ZenHub changelog :sparkler: