How can I better manage user stories?

Hi everyone,

At my company, we’ve always struggled in some way tracking user stories. Historically we’ve never pointed user stories, instead, we point the work required to satisfy the acceptance criteria. For example.

As a user I would like to select project types so that I can categorize my work.


  • The user can click a dropdown that includes all their defined project types.
  • When the user clicks a project type it’s saved to the project record.

In my opinion, this is difficult to point out. Instead, we create cards for the work that needs to be done. For example.

  • Create a select component
  • Create an endpoint to read all the project types
  • Update the project record with the project type id onClick.

We take all these actionable things and create card that we then point. These cards are also added to the Epic.

Imagine doing the same thing for a project with let’s say 10 user stories. Tracking user stories become a challenge, especially for our QA that wants to start adding E2E testing as user stories are completed.

How do you typically track user stories and completion?