`High priority` status wrongly assigned

not sure if this is a feature or a bug,

Given there is an existing High priority issue a column, when an issue that does not have the High priority status is moved to the column with the High priority issue using the pipelines widget on issues/pr’s, Then the High priority is wrongly assigned to the issue.

Expected results:
The moved issue is placed underneath the High priority issue

Hey @SiGu,

This is actually an intentional feature. If you drag & drop an item above another High Priority item, we automatically assume you it’s more important and mark it as High Priority. If you drag & drop it underneath the last High Priority item in your pipeline, then it will keep its default priority. You should also see a preview of what the priority status will be after dropping while you drag the card. Is this what you’re seeing?


Hi Evhaus,

Thanks for the prompt response. I understand that feature on the board however when changing the column form an issue or pr, the high priority is wrongly assigned in my opinion.

Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 09.03.13

Hmm. That sounds like some kind of bug. Would you mind sending a support ticket to support@zenhub.com? We’ll take it from there.