I cannot get pipeline name of github issue by graphql api

I got the workspace id by following Examples | Zenhub Developers

Got the following responses part, I think the workspace-id is “5fbcb49db2915c001a3104a4”.

                        "id": "5fbcb49db2915c001a3104a4",
                        "repositoriesConnection": {
                            "nodes": [
                                    "id": "Z2lkOi8vcmFwdG9yL1JlcG9zaXRvcnkvNjAwNDc",
                                    "name": "paters_rails"
                                    "id": "Z2lkOi8vcmFwdG9yL1JlcG9zaXRvcnkvMTMyODU1Nzg1",
                                    "name": "paters_rn"
                                    "id": "Z2lkOi8vcmFwdG9yL1JlcG9zaXRvcnkvMTMzNDI1OTQy",
                                    "name": "paters_aquagates"

I use the above workspace-id to retrieve pipeline name by Moving from REST to GraphQL | Zenhub Developers (Get Issue Data), but failed, the pipelineIssue part is null. Are there any I have gotten?
Thanks for any help.

Hey hitxiang,

Welcome to the Zenhub community! Can you share the request and response body used?

Looks. I can get the pipeline info next day. Thanks.