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Flavours of agile are everywhere! But should they be?

Agile frameworks have expanded beyond just the software development field. :rocket: Each of our teams use some level of Agile, from our development teams, to our customer success team, and even to our marketing team. As businesses outside typical SaaS companies are now becoming increasingly software-led, agile is becoming more prevalent across traditional industries โ€“ even making itโ€™s way into government. The framework for this application was created by the IBM Center for The Business of Government in The Road to Agile Government.

What do all of you think about Agile being everywhere? Is Agile right for fields like government, the finance industry, and others? :thinking:


This is a super interesting question! I actually stumbled upon this InfoQ article recently about how Agile frameworks are being applied to the medical field. Itโ€™s a really interesting view into what Agile can look like within a super regulated industry. Does anyone here work in a heavily regulated field and apply Agile principles or frameworks?

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