Burndown Charts for Project

Newbie here. I am working on tracking a project that will last approximately a year.

I have created a project that contains multiple epics that will each span several sprint cycles. Each epic will group like issues.

One of my deliverables is a burndown chart for the project. I see that burndown charts can be created for sprints and milestones, it is not obvious to me that how I would create one from a project. Am I missing something, or is there an alternative way to create this chart? Or do I need to re-think my organization of this project?




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In Zenhub, burndown charts are typically used for short-term work. A week or two (Sprint) or attached to a GitHub Milestone for something slightly longer (commonly used for calendar-aligned work - jan, feb, mar, etc).

The trouble with GitHub Milestones is an issue can belong to one and only one Milestone. As a result, if you were to use a Milestone to track a year-long project to generate a burndown, that’s it, that would be all you get.

Instead, I’d suggest giving Zenhub releases a try. Issues can be assigned to multiple Zenhub releases, and and the release report provides a burn-up report. This is important for longer-term work because a burn-up allows you to track scope change across time. That’s not something you’ll get with a burndown report.

Hit the right sidebar and create a release report then start adding issues to it. You’ll be able to track a large body of work over the long period of time and it will give you a predicted end date once the work starts being done.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you very much for the guidance!