Zenhub's New Public API

Hey Zenhub Community!

I’m excited to share with you that our new Public GraphQL API is now generally available to all Zenhub users! Our new API provides access to a broader set of data that was not previously available, including sprints, roadmap data and the ability to filter when fetching issues.

To get started, head over to our newly launched documentation site (https://developers.zenhub.com/) and then generate your personal access token from the account management page in Zenhub, under the API section.

We’re super excited to see what integrations and automations everyone builds!


Exciting stuff indeed @Joseph.from.ZenHub!

Looking forward to see what people are able to get out of it and hopefully borrow a few ideas :robot:


This sounds great.

Have you got some worked examples? I want to pull down the start/end dates for epics, which aren’t available via the rest api, which I’ve used to get started. I couldn’t get the schema to display via the explorer.

My full use case is to get all the epics, the GitHub data, dependencies and start/end dates. Managed to get everything else via rest apis, but not these dates!

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Hey Tcoupland,

Give this query a try to return epics in a workspace with their start and end dates.

query {
  workspace(id: "WORKSPACE_ID") {
            epics {
                nodes {
                    issue {

In terms of working examples, we’ve got a few as part of the Getting Started section of the documentation site. We’re planning to continue updating the documentation site in the future and will look to add a few more examples.

Hope this helps!