Meet your new productivity coach! 👋

Hey there Community! :wave:

Good to see you all again! I wanted to send over a personal invitation to our latest webinar with George Champlin-Scharff (@George.from.Zenhub), VP of Product here at Zenhub. In this interactive webinar, he’ll be taking you through how to use Zenhub’s new Insights and Recommendations feature as your personal productivity coach.

At Zenhub, we know how overwhelming it can be to sort through data and metrics, so we’re super excited to have a solution for you all. In this session, George will take you through how you can leverage this new feature to:

:telescope: Predict the likelihood of meeting your sprint goals.
:mag: Identify and take action on bottlenecks, scope creep, and other areas of improvement
:bulb: Gain valuable insights into your team’s coding habits, review process, and track productivity over time.

You can learn more and register here.

Can’t wait to see some of you there! Let us know if you’ve signed up below! :raised_hands:

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