Introducing AI Acceptance Criteria

Introducing Zenhub’s latest AI feature, the AI Acceptance Criteria (AC). :tada:

Our AI Acceptance Criteria (AC) tool instantly creates your AC based on the issue title and a snippet from your issue description. This sa-weet new enhancement will…

:white_check_mark:Bring uniformity to your team’s AC format, aligning with the Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) format

:white_check_mark:Enhance the overall thoroughness of your AC

:white_check_mark:Accelerate project planning

:white_check_mark:Provide a clear testing guideline for your QA team

To use it, first, be sure that your organization is opt-ed into our AI experiences (If you still need to, ask your admin to enable it in settings). Then, simply start by creating an Issue in Zenhub with a title and a short description. Once you’ve got your description in place, you should have the option to “Generate Acceptance Criteria.” Click on this, and then sit back and watch AI do its work!

To learn more about it, read our latest blog: Introducing: AI Acceptance Criteria | Zenhub

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