Welcome to our new community!

Hi Everyone!

I’m Jack, a Digital Product Designer @ Activate Studio in London. I also study a UX Design masters part-time at Falmouth University and create YouTube videos about life in London, design and technology.

Nice to meet you all :slight_smile:


Hello everybody, I am Jefferson, a software engineer based in Brazil.

I work with software development for the last 15 years, with experience in both backend and frontend (mostly using Java/node in the backend, and Javascript/Typescript - with React - in the frontend).

I have been using github for a long time (github [dot] com [slash] studiojms) and recently I started using Zenhub after joining a new company, Jungle Scout.


HI all, I’m Clark and I run product and engineering at RSPDNR, a startup based in Toronto that is revolutionizing the security industry. We’ve been using ZenHub for about a year now, and it’s been a fantastic addition!

I too have a furry friend. This is Hero, a Husky/Shepherd cross that prefers to spend as much time as he can in our backyard (or any other part of the outdoors he can access)!


Hi! My name is Supriya and I’m the Community Manager at GreyNoise Intelligence!


Hey there! My name is Ed Campos and I’m an Agile Project Manager in Red Hat. I’m located in Mexico but I work with teams all across the world.

We started using ZenHub some months ago for our team and we have had such great experience with it! I was in charge of researching and preparing tutorials for our devs in order for them to get the best out of ZenHub so I’m well aware of how great the product is! (To be honest, I wish I knew before about ZenHub!).

If you have any questions or just insights on how to work better with ZenHub, feel free to reach out! :smiley:

Nice to meet y’all! :smiley:


Hi. I’m Denna. I was thrilled when I learned about ZenHub. I had used JIRA and MS DevOps in previous jobs, and I felt a bit frustrated by GitHub’s lack on product management capabilities. ZenHub’s roadmap and board gave me all the features I needed to stay organized when planning feature launches. :slight_smile:


Hi :wave:,

I am a Scrum Master on a development team for the BC Government. I live in Vancouver BC and have worked with development teams for over 10 years. Looking forward to getting to know this community!



I am a product manager within the security team at Elastic. New user to zenhub and excited to be part of this community.


Hey! I’m a Product Manager Lead working on a government contract for Veterans Affairs. I’ve been using Zenhub for 2 years and some change now and have had the pleasure of getting to see lots of new features rolling out during that time but also have had struggles like getting anything to load last week and tickets randomly moving around and having to manually go in and change the pipeline for thousands of tickets.


Hello! Nice to meet everyone. I’ve been a user for a few years & it’s been great to see ZenHub evolve. It is critical to helping my team manage work across multiple repos. :clap:


Hey everyone, I’m Andy and I’m the CTO and a Co-founder of SoldNest, Inc. We chose Zenhub early on and have seen increased value using it over time.

I’m originally from Silicon Valley, but I live with my wife and 3 wonderful kids in Rosarito, Mexico :mexico:. I try to always be mentoring at least one teenager at all times. I also try to help people entrapped in bad situations in my spare time. I’m actually starting to build a team of volunteer part-time developers to build apps that will help locate and rescue human trafficking victims.

Glad to be a part of this community!


We’re so happy to have you here, Ed! Make sure to check out the Product Q&A Category. I have a feeling you’ll have lots of value to offer there! :wink:


Welcome to the ZenHub Community, Andy. That is incredible, and we are so lucky to have you here!



I’m Paul, a system architect, working remotely from Bariloche in the Patagonia in Argentina.



Hey, Jack! Welcome to the ZenHub Community. A Masters in UX Design sounds so exciting!

Check out this topic here if you have a chance. Our visual designer, Theresa, would love some feedback on the forum design!

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Hi everybody, I’m Steve Jackson, Head of Product Management at Applaud.

I’ve joined the ZenHub community to learn more about the move from milestones to sprints, but also to learn from others. Everybody has their own way of planning their work, but nobody can truly say their process is perfect. I’m interested to hear how other teams handle the same challenges we face.


Hello everyone! I’m Daniel Silva. I’m from Venezuela but living(ish) in Mexico City.

I’m a lead backend developer for dotCMS and we’ve been using ZenHub for a while. It has helped us a lot with our Scrum process. We recently switched to properly use workspaces and loving it.

I also play the guitar and have a metal band.

Looking forward to join this community.


Hi Everyone,
My name is Jim and I’m an Information Architect with Ad Hoc, a Washington, DC-based (now fully virtual) web strategy and development company that aims to make the public facing websites of government service agencies as user friendly as the top consumer sites people are used to. Because the government agency I work with uses Github, it’s helpful to have Zenhub on top of it when working on projects.



Hi I’m John.

I teach a graduate course at New York University on DevOps and Agile Methodologies and I teach my students ZenHub. They do all of their agile planning for their team project with ZenHub. I also use it everyday at work. I’m really glad to be part of this community.



Hello Everyone

I am Surbhi. I am from India and working as a Scrum Master & Team Lead for Addressya AB, a Swedish company which is an addressing solution. I manage the complete product team, plan sprints, hold sprint ceremonies & business value prioritization. I have been using Zenhub from quite some time now.

I like reading, photography, traveling and Netflix-ing. A new mother therefore don’t get much time doing what I like.

Looking forward to share and learn through this platform.