Welcome to our new community!

Hi everyone, I’m Thabang! I joined ZenHub a few weeks ago as the VP, Marketing.

I’m originally an engineer by trade and have worked in a variety of R&D, product management, and marketing roles over the years. Before ZenHub, I was at the Eclipse Foundation, which is one of the world’s largest open source foundations, where I was responsible for global developer community development and engagement.

I work closely with Jess, Aaron, and the rest of our team to support our great community. I’m looking forward to learning from and collaborating with all of you!


Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all, I can’t wait to interact with y’all on here. My name is Chaissan and I’m a marketing coordinator and copywriter here at ZenHub. Most of my work revolves around creating and editing content across various platforms. I’m so excited about everything that’s happening at ZenHub, and am so grateful to be part of such a supportive and driven team. Here are a few fun facts about me:

  • I’m from Vancouver kind of. I’m actually from a village on the very edge of the Greater Vancouver area with a population of about 1,300 people. :houses:

  • I absolutely love travelling, and have been fortunate enough to travel to quite a few countries. Feel free to ask me about it! :flight_departure:

As a recent university graduate, I’m still fairly new to Agile and project management, so I can’t wait to learn from all of you here on the Community.


Hey all, :wave:
I just wanted to drop in and introduce myself; I’m Julie (pronouns are she/her) from the Customer Success Team, and I have been with ZenHub since April, 2020.

Part of my role as a Customer Success Manager is to really help our customers, well, be successful! And that doesn’t mean just with ZenHub either! My goal is to drive kaizen (that means continuous improvements or change for the better) with the teams I get to work alongside :grinning:

If we’re ever on a video call, you might get to see a glimpse of my cat in the background! Here’s a photo of PB waiting very patiently for you to pop in and say hello!

Look forward to chatting with you in the community! :blue_heart:


Hello! :wave:

I’m Chris, a software engineering lead at Emory University in Atlanta, GA! I work with two teams here that are both on Zenhub, and it’s been a great tool for tracking progress and organizing our sprints.

I also have some nosey co-workers that sometimes like to jump in on my video calls. This is Penny (dog) and Chloe (cat). Nice to meet you all!


Hey everyone! I’m Shawn, I work as a Project Manager/Software Lead at Artificial. It’s a growing startup for automating, orchestrating, and visualizing work in life-science/pharma/bio labs. We have a fully remote team and we organize all our of our development work on Zenhub!

Continuing the trend…my loyal co-worker Samson


Hi I’m Mikkel from Denmark. Developer at a educational publishing company. My team has switch to Zenhub. And are very happy working closer to the issues and github. Now the work is to convince the other teams to make the shift. But that should be easy - who can say no to Zenhub :wink:

Do not have a picture of my team-mates. Would have embeded a photo of my puppy, but the text-editor will not allow images.


Hey Everyone, jumping on here to introduce myself.

My name is Kyler and I’m Digital Creator who specializes in Content Strategy and Video Production. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with companies large and small around Content Marketing, Brand Identify and Online Show Development.

After work, I love to spend time with my family/friends outdoors, at a brewery or at a cabin.

I can’t wait to meet and learn from everyone in this community! Thank you.



Hey all, I’m Laura! I’m on the Product Team at ZenHub.

It’s been a busy year for us but a few of the features I’ve worked on are Planning Poker, our new Sprint & Productivity Insights, and improvements to Issue-PR linking.

So much of our product comes from you: your ideas, your thoughts, and your feedback. And with this community space, we can stay even more connected. I’m looking forward to all the great conversations!

Keeping with the pet-theme of the thread, here’s my adventure buddy, Penny. When we’re not in the Vancouver, B.C. office you’ll usually find us hiking in the beautiful North Shore mountains.


Hello I’m Oscar a Full Stack Developer from :mexico:

I work in a small company (Pressbooks) in Montreal, we’ve been using ZenHub for the last two quarters and made a huge difference to manage our Sprints

Definitely this is a great opportunity to learn more about the tool and share our tricks.


Hi all . I’m Tudor from Romania.
I worked as back-end developer for CrowdFavorite , a software agency specialized in Wordpress and that’s how I discovered Zenhub.

My main focus : Laravel and PHP.


Hey everyone! My name is Ken. I’ve been using ZenHub over a year and slowly taking over the world with it.

  • I’m based in Seattle, WA (Hello Vancouver from south of the border!).
  • My company, Streamlit, is completely remote. We focus on building a low-code tool to help data scientists make awesome interactive web apps.
  • I like to brew beer. I made a Blackberry Porter with Blackberries and Hops from my backyard garden.
  • I have one dog, Louie.

Hi all :wave: I’m Paul, Product Designer from Belarus.
I work in a tech startup, designing interfaces for a secret product for software developers.

Started using ZenHub this week :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone! I’m Marissa, a Data Scientist in Chicago. Our team uses Zenhub for our project planning!


Hello folks.
I’m relatively new to ZenHub (and github, really), 9 months.

I like how it is a layer on top of a used platform, so that we don’t fall into the trap of repeating the same information on multiple systems.
The choice of software of this nature can be a contentious issue, and a source of humour for the team. We sometimes lament with our managers that a lot of find-and-clicking is required to get things done. We all look forward to improved workflows for users of all kinds.


Hello all,

I’m a graduate student in the US and have been using ZenHub for our project development. I’ve really been enjoying the features it offers and have been using it much longer than other tools I have used previously.


Hi, I’m a project manager in the US and I’ve been using Zenhub for 3 years now. Looking forward to seeing tips and info from others.


hello! im arielle. i do community at ripple ventures + work at shopify’s corp dev arm. love zenhub and love watching them thrive. great positive vibes in this thread <3


Hi everybody! My name is Sebastian and I’m a Sr. Product Manager at strongDM, we’re currently trying to leverage Zenhub for both SLDC project management and launch process control - loving what we’ve been able to accomplish so far!


Hi I’m BigJ,

Work and live in the Netherlands. Everyone’s sharing their pets so I wanted to as well, but I can’t embed media in a post apparently. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.


Hi everyone!

My name is Justin, I’m a current 4th year Computer Science and Business student at Western University in Ontario.

I’ve been using ZenHub for over a year now, to help coordinate on school and my own side-projects.

It’s a been an amazing experience to explore and learn more about the world of Product Management and Software engineering and I’m excited to continue learning :slight_smile: